Kyle Corkum

Kyle Corkum

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the career and accomplishments of Kyle Corkum. As a professional that has spent years in real estate development as a managing partner, Corkum has accumulated insights that are valuable to those that wish to grow their understanding of both the role and commercial real estate as a sector.


In 1982, Kyle graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Industrial Design. The five-year program is among one of the top ranked in the country, and taught him important foundational knowledge for his field. For example, the Syracuse program focuses on environmental and social responsibility as well as the balance between current needs and future demands in the industry. The information that Kyle Corkum learned during his time at Syracuse would play an important role in the development of principles he would utilize in his future endeavors. For example, the program quickly taught him that individuals in real estate must create healthy environments while moving toward their long-term goals.

Development as a Managing Partner

Kyle Corkum began his career in high barrier to entry submarkets in the Northeast. It was in this fast-paced environment that Corkum learned facets of residential development space that would prove instrumental to the development of his real estate career as a managing partner. After operating his firm as a land development company for almost eight years, Kyle Corkum began to expand his responsibilities become a managing partner. Quickly, he learned several important things that would empower him to be successful in his role.

One of the most important skills that Cokum needed to develop as a successful managing partner was the ability to uphold strategic vision to control the trajectory of his firm. It cannot be overstated how necessary it is that managing partners recognize the steps needed to bring projects from infancy to completion. When there are obstacles in the current plan, managing partners need to employ quick thinking that keep the goals of the organization in reach. Kyle Corkum also notes that, along with this commitment to strategic vision and planning, the managing partner position also requires impeccable organizational skills. This is because managing partners must stay up to date on concurrent projects and maintain strong communication channels with personal staff as well as collaborators, both of which are critical to any firm’s ongoing success.

In addition to the hard skills that he needed to develop for his role, Kyle Corkum acknowledges that his success is also due to a culmination of soft skills that contribute to strong leadership. For example, Kyle considers that people skills are a crucial facet of any managing partner’s repertoire because they need to work well with their team and individuals that the firm works with on projects. Understanding the importance of people skills, empathy, and respect is particularly important for managing partners in commercial real estate development because of the impact that projects have on surrounding communities.

Memberships and Charitable Work

Since establishing himself as a managing partner, Kyle Corkum has become a member of various organizations that enable him to share insights with peers as well as newcomers to the space. He is a National Urban Fellow, contributing his leadership skills to public service to assist communities. Corkum is also a full member of the Urban Land Institute, the world’s largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts, where he is also a member of the Residential Gold Council. Kyle is also a member of the Raleigh Chamber Board of Advisors, where he builds relationships, collaborates with peers, and identifies ways that his and other organizations can give back to the communities they serve. His interest in assisting local communities has led to him founding his nonprofit, The Flying Fish Project, a charitable organization that supports disadvantaged members of the community and children.

Kyle Corkum realizes that now, more than ever, professionals across sectors of industry need to recognize the importance of sharing crucial insights with individuals hoping to learn more about the spaces they contribute to. To this point, he hopes to utilize this site as a resource to discuss crucial topics within his expertise as a managing partner and member of the real estate industry.  Future posts will address topics such as what factors to consider before selecting real estate projects, how to keep the best interests of the communities you are working in in mind, and what steps an individual should take if they wish to become successful in roles like his own.